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Every product comes with an opportunity for a unique experience. Every user is a little different. Through thoughtful attention to user needs and desires, we assist our clients in connecting to their customers on a deeper level.
How do we unveil design possibilities? We begin with boundless thinking and skillfully guide projects from the boldest concepts to the finest details. Whether it is creating a single element, reimagining a brand, or building an entire ecosystem of products, we are fully immersed and involved from beginning to end – invested in our client’s success.

The user is at the heart of our process. Delivering exceptional design solutions for clients in a wide variety of industries is what we do. Our 35 years of success is the result of focusing on strength in design: discovering inspiration from unexpected places, understanding users, and recognizing their needs.

Through real-world applications, exploration, and experimentation, we continually expand our knowledge and expertise. This includes the ever-evolving arena of additive manufacturing where curiosity has drawn us to study, test, and develop novel ways to use these processes for unexpected solutions.
Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Catalano Design was founded by Carol Catalano in 1987. The firm fosters long-term relationships by working closely with clients to understand their culture, their technology and their markets.




  • Herman Miller
  • Samsung
  • Dexter Russell
  • Zildjian
  • Institute for Human Centered Design
  • CGX
  • D’Addario
  • Fishman
  • Russound
  • Boston Acoustics
  • Sunfire
  • Boveda

Services & Capabilities

  • Industrial Design
  • Product Development
  • Research
  • Design for Additive Manufacturing
  • Branding


  • International Furniture Design Competition Asahikawa Japan 1999 Silver Prize for the Capelli Stool
  • Silver IDEA 2002 for the Capelli Stool
  • A Place to Sit Competition 2002 First Place for The Mambo Chair
  • Sponsered by Knoll, Peabody Office Furniture, Institute for Human Centered Design
  • CES Innovation Award 2016 For HIFIMAN HE1000 Headphones
  • European Product Design Award 2017 For HE1000 Headphones


Project Portfolio

  • Capelli Stool
    The iconic Capelli Stool, now celebrating its 20th anniversary exclusively at Herman Miller, is featured in Woman Made: Great Women Designers, by Phaidon Press. Inspired by the entwined fingers of clasped hands, our design is comprised of two identical molded plywood pieces that fit together with no fasteners, creating a stable, comfortable, and elegant structure. The Capelli Stool won the silver prize at the International Furniture Design Competition Asahikawa Japan in 1999 and IDEA Silver in 2001.

  • HIFIMAN HE1000 Headphones
    When audiophile electronics company HIFIMAN approached us to design their flagship product, the goal was to create the best sounding headphones in the world. The resulting design exemplifies the principle of less, but better: distilling the physicality of the product to its essence, allowing the sound to be the star, while paying homage to the aesthetic legacy of the audiophile product universe. The asymmetrical form allows a huge surface area for the planar magnetic driver but sits comfortably with even pressure around the ear. The unique headband design set a new mark for comfort in sizable headphones, with a generous area of contact to distribute weight in a minimalist assembly. The HE1000 is an extremely well-regarded headphone for both design and audio quality-earning several awards, including a CES 2016 Innovation Award.

  • HIFIMAN RE2000 Earphones

    The sophisticated design for HIFIMAN’s top-of-the line earphone blends exceptional ergonomics with jewelry-like aesthetics, for a manufactured product that provides a level of comfort normally associated with custom-fit in-ear monitors. The industrial design crystallizes key elements from our updated HIFIMAN visual brand language, elevating their in-ear offerings from this top-level product all the way through their ecosystem of products.

  • CGX Quick-32r EEG Headset
    The CGX Systems Quick-32r is a leap forward in Dry EEG technology. The design and manufacturing represent cutting edge of use of additive manufacturing systems to seamlessly move from prototypes through to volume production.
    The aim was to design a new headset from the ground up. Working closely with the client team and our engineering partner, the design resulted in improved comfort, weight distribution, provided a quicker and easier setup, and user-friendly visual feedback for signal quality.
     From design to production, additive manufacturing is key to the Quick-32r’s success. Nearly every mechanical component is 3D printed in Nylon using HP Multi Jet Fusion. Working together with our additive manufacturing partner we ensured the design incorporated the advantages afforded by additive, including reduced part count, zero tooling investment, shortened design cycles, and production grade material properties.

  • Dexter Russell Dextreme Fishing Knife
    Dextreme is our first knife design for Dexter Outdoors, the hunting and fishing arm of Dexter.
    The blade of this fillet knife is unique, sporting Dexter’s serrated “Tiger Edge” on the back of the blade, near the tip. The Tiger Edge is useful for cutting through fish bone and tough scales, allowing the straight filleting edge to remain sharper, longer. This presented us with the ergonomic challenge of designing a handle that can be held upside down for some of the initial cuts.
    Inspired by the body shapes and structures of sea creatures, the handle is carefully sculpted for optimal ergonomics.
    We also developed a proprietary contoured texture that follows the sleek lines of the form. Not only does the texture provide a great grip when the handle gets wet and slimy, its unique design enhances the Dexter Outdoors visual brand language.

  • Induction Tea Kettle

    This conceptual tea kettle design features an induction heating element inside a double-walled glass vessel. When the magnetic cooking plate is activated, the element heats the water inside, while the insulating glass keeps the outside of the kettle cool. This allows the water to come to the proper temperature quickly, efficiently, and safely, and to remain hot for an extended time.





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