Boom Design

BOOM Designs is a strategic global design firm specializing in solving complex problems with innovative design solutions. We build creative cultures and processes facilitating new innovations and business opportunities. We bring concepts to reality.

Driving success in the marketplace is a collaborative process. We partner with our clients taking a user-centered design approach. Our unique process uncovers user needs and behaviors delivering a solution that connects with users without losing sight of business objectives. BOOM Designs takes pride in successfully designing the products, services, spaces, and experiences that fit with our clients’ brands.

Relationships are our biggest asset: We strive to be an extension of your team through a collaborative culture and partner with you in making your business thrive.

BOOM Designs – Developing Breakthrough Products.

Contact Us

Chicago address:
820 South Bishop Street
Chicago, IL 60607-4022

Cincinnati address:
105 East Mills Avenue
Cinicinnati, OH 45215-4331

Tele: 312.420.7677

Contact Name: Ross Bartels