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Benchmark’s Industrial Design teams reside in Rochester MN and Almelo Netherlands. With over 20 years of experience providing award-winning development services for medical, life sciences, and consumer healthcare companies. Our team of designers, and engineers work in a highly collaborative environment on innovative products designed to positively impact lives. We specialize in discovering product opportunities, solving complex problems, and assisting our clients in creating intellectual property to expand and protect their market value.

Our expertise includes  User Research, Industrial Design, Human Factors Engineering, User Interface Design, Systems Engineering (Mechanical, Electrical, Software), Usability Testing, Pilot Production Support, and Regulatory Compliance.

The Benchmark Industrial Design team is located in Rochester MN., a community focused on healthcare. Our unique facilities consist of a development center featuring design, development, assembly, and test facilities.


Project Portfolio

  • Bruker Evoq

    The objective was to provide an intuitive physical interface that is visually appealing and respectful of the Bruker design language, that is, their iconic blue ball at the ion source. From a mechanical packaging perspective, the creative challenge was compacting the design to the size of a bench top unit, while not impeding the performance characteristics of the system. Considerable attention was given to thermal needs and designing the housing for maximum controlled air flow.

    The Industrial Design of the Bruker EVOQ triple quadrupole MS utilizes subtle curves, crisp radii, contrasting colors and balanced features to provide a fresh approach to mass spectrometers. The ID emphasizes compact size and usability with a clean, inviting user interface and reinforces the brand with Bruker’s signature round inlet cover.

    The EVOQ lets the user focus on solving analytical problems without distraction by operation of the instrument. For this reason all the essential user touch points are readily available at standing height level on the front face of the device.

  • LOVO

    LOVO is a laboratory cell processing system to wash differentiated and undifferentiated white blood cells in a gentle, fast and automated way to remove cell supernatant.

    Major benefits of LOVO are:

    -Standardization of cell washing in a one-step process
    -Automated system
    -Time savings compared to centrifugation
    -Maintenance of cell viability through non-pelletizing process
    -High cell yield
    -Flexible volume range for source and end product
    -Data transfer via USB stick

    Benchmark delivered Industrial Design and Mechanical Engineering to get this device to market quickly and reliably.

  • Accuvein

    Accuvein partnered with Benchmark Electronics to do the detailed design and production work on Accuvein. Benchmark delivered on Industrial Design, light and optics innovations, and Mechanical Engineering that solved complex heat and shock resistance challenges. Benchmark’s skills in both medical design and medical manufacturing delivered an award winning medical device. That device is the Accuvein AV300, AV 400 and AV 500. Accuvein won a "Medical Design Excellence Award for outstanding product design,“. Benchmark's medical device manufacturing facility in Winona, MN is making the Accuvein devices.

    Benchmark must meet Food and Drug Administration specifications and demonstrate that exacting standards are reproducible during manufacturing. Product information has been translated into 33 languages and devices are sold worldwide. Each block consists of "several hundred" Accuvein units. About 1.4 billion venipunctures occur each year in the United States alone — the most-common invasive medical procedure. About a third of those require multiple needle sticks and Accuvein saves time and improving patient experience.





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