Academy of Fellows

The IDSA Academy of Fellows is an assembly of individuals who, in many cases, have dedicated the bulk of their career to industrial design excellence and, in turn, made a significant contribution to the profession through their work. Parallel to this, Fellows are distinct in their altruistic efforts to give back to IDSA's community through dedicated volunteer service and leadership positions. Being inducted into the Academy of Fellows represents a momentous personal achievement for someone who has offered so much of their personal and professional life towards the betterment of our profession. Fellows of IDSA garner industry-wide respect and admiration for their achievements and are held in the highest regard by our membership. Not only are Fellows accomplished designers, but they also epitomize the very best attributes one desires from a trusted friend, colleague, collaborator, and peer.

Individuals must be nominated by a peer for this distinction and a nomination must be accompanied by letters of recommendation on behalf of the candidate. All candidates who qualify are rigorously evaluated by IDSA's Awards Committee and subsequently approved by IDSA's Board of Directors before being bestowed with this great honor.

Nomination and induction into the Academy of Fellows is an IDSA members-only privilege. Fellows may proudly display the 'FIDSA' appelation after their name upon receiving this special recognition. 


* indicates deceased