Speakers - Medical Conference 2016

KEYNOTE | Neuroscape
KEYNOTE | Valence Health
Halyard Health
West County Health Systems
West County Health Systems
University of California, San Francisco
Cannuflow, Inc
David S. Bradford, MD, Endowed Chair of Orthopaedic Surgery UCSF
NEA Healthcare Team
Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals

Panel - Opening the Doors to Designers: A Discussion on Gaining Observational Access

Moderator: Tor Alden, IDSA

The combination of HIPAA constraints, the Sunshine Act and other recent legislation has greatly contributed to the inability of hospitals and corporations to provide access for observation in surgical and hospital facilities. This growing trend is a profound burden on innovation in the healthcare space. A panel of key of key opinion leaders will discuss the challenges and work through ideas on what improvements could be implemented to aid in providing open access and research in a shared community environment.

HS Design, Inc.
University of Cincinnati (UC)
Johnson & Johnson

Panel - The Future of Design in Healthcare: New Roles, New Venues for Designers

Moderator: Bill Evans, IDSA

After a full day of assessing challenges and opportunities in collaborative healthcare innovation, join an all-star panel of visionaries and futurists who will imagine new models to achieve impactful design in healthcare.

Bridge Design
Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices
University of California, San Francisco

Panel - New Models of Innovation on the Frontlines of Healthcare

Moderator: Kat Esser

Cedars-Sinai and Techstars have partnered to create the Healthcare Accelerator. UCSF has several innovation vehicles including Catalyst, QB3 and the Clinical Innovation Center, enabling healthcare technology entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into breakthrough realities that improve the lives of patients around the world. You'll hear from start-ups who through thier access to leading physicians and researchers have prototyped, tested and advanced thier solution and from the center directors themsleves who work tirelessly to promote theis access. 

Center for Care Innovations
Clinical Innovation Center
Clinical Innovation Center
Applied VR

Panel - Design for Interoperability - in Personnel, Process and Technology

Moderator: Aenor Sawyer, MD

Connected solutions: Consider key concepts to ensure seamless integration of new solutions into healthcare.

University of California, San Francisco
IOE Healthcare Solutions and Services Practice
Director, Fetal Treatment Center, University of California, San Francisco
Adjunct, Harvard Medical School

Panel - Digital Health Start Ups

Moderator: Kat Esser

Three seasoned technologists talk breaking into the healthcare market with emerging technology solutions. From translating consumer technology to the healthcare environment; accommodating the complex ecosystems of processes, experiences, protocols, regulations, organizational silos; getting “in the battlefield” with patients and clinicians to understand their experience and workflow; acquiring and a must-have comprehensive understanding of the healthcare reimbursement landscape and how to work with designers early and often for concrete, innovative solutions.


Center for Care Innovations
Canopy Innovations
Purple Binder

Panel - "Award Winning" Healthcare Design

Moderators: Bill Evans, IDSA, Bridge Design and Ximedica & Aenor Sawyer, MD, MS, UCSF, University of California, San Francisco 

Many industry awards recognize products that declare benefits to users, society and the entity which brought them to market. This panel will take up the question of what impact awards and award winners have. The influence of awards in healthcare design as well as selection criteria will be explored. 

Bridge Design
University of California, San Francisco
Hub Strategy
GE Healthcare

Panel - Designing a Culture of Safety

Moderator: Sean Hägen, IDSA

Discussing how cultural interdependency contributes to adverse events in our healthcare system and answering the queistion "How should industrial design address the problems born from this? What role do we have as agents of change?" In this panel, key opinion leaderswill explore the relationships between the many contributing factors to adverse events in our healthcare system.


BlackHägen Design
St. Michael's Hospital and University of Toronto
University of California, San Francisco
Fmr Albany Medical Center & Becton Dickson
Underwriters Laboratories

Panel - The Future of Medical Design

Moderator: David Cowan, IDSA

Perspectives on collaboration in the training process.

Georgia Institute of Technology
SmartDerm, Inc.
University of Cincinnati (UC)
Auburn University

Panel - Designing for All: Healthcare Design for Low Resource Settings

Moderator: Amy Lockwood

Bringing successful medical products to markets where there is no ready means of reimbursement; the regulatory requirements are fuzzy at best; and the health inequalities are tragic and dispiriting—all can be viewed as the realm of the impossible. And yet there are compelling examples of successful medical device design for global health applications.

3rd Stone Design
UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital
GE Healthcare
Johnson & Johnson