Previous Conferences

2014 Midwest Conference

The topic of the 2014 Midwest District Design Conference was Industrial Evolution. What comes to mind when you hear the names Henry Dreyfuss, Raymond Loewy and Norman Bel Geddes? These designers defined the look of modern America, and, in doing so, revolutionized the way we live and work. How has design set the stage for where we are today and what kind of change can we make going forward? What kind of tools will affect design in the future and what is making an impact today? Our inspiring speakers and informative workshops helped us answer these questions. Our speakers, designers and professionals from the design community, shared triumphs and obstacles as well as thier thoughts on what challenges we may face moving forward.

2014 Western Conference

At the 2014 Western District Design Conference, Running With the Bulls: Smarts, Bravado and Risk-Taking in the Global Outdoor Industry we asked attendees to imagine experiencing the adrenaline rush of a lifetime as the starting rocket launches and you’re pursued by 1,500 pound bulls stampeding directly behind you. What you need are cool nerves, quick reflexes and a clear understanding of the enormity of the task at hand. It’s a demanding, fast-paced enterprise and it’s not for the faint of heart. However, the rewards of success can be great indeed. At the Western District Design Conference, we examined the current design culture and dove into issues that designers face both domestically and internationally when they strive for perfection while simultaneously being told to fail hard, often and fast.