Previous Conferences

Sustainability Deep Dive 2020


Thank you all for attending! Nearly 600 designers from around the world tuned in and took part in this event. This means that it was IDSA's biggest virtual event ever and we are so thankful for your support!

Together, we are certain that industrial design can play a vital role in caring for our planet and ensuring its health and longevity for decades to come.


Medical Design Deep Dive 2019

Healthcare is morphing from an industry of instruments and cotton swabs to a potent intersection of high-tech electronics and smart materials, advanced display and imaging technologies, and big data. Surgical theaters are becoming high-tech garages for our bodies and the prevalence of self-monitoring wellness through wearables and integration with the IoT is blurring the boundaries between the hospital, clinic, home and mobile treatment and monitoring. 

Women in Design Deep Dive 2019


THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT! Thank you for your support! 


A gathering built to celebrate the unique talents, initiatives and challenges of women in the industrial design industry.


Women in Design is a welcoming environment, bringing together both men and women to network and learn about the struggles and accomplishments of working in an industry historically and predominantly inhabited by males. Events like this are a critical step towards disrupting decades-old patterns and establishing a new, more inclusive design industry. 

Medical Design Conference 2018: EXPERIENCE

Welcome to the IDSA Medical Design Conference 2018, set for March 29 at Boston Marriott Copley Place. EXPERIENCE will explore the potency of researching and designing healthcare products and environments that weld human performance, business and the dignity of users. We'll cover everything from future trends that impact medical design—to best practices and tools and techniques for the research and design of effective medical product and environments.

Women+Design Summit

Welcome to IDSA’s first Women+Design Summit. This new event, set for May 12, 2017 at the Renaissance San Diego, will focus on the unique challenges and accomplishments of women in design by learning from other fields and offer an opportunity to network, collaborate, learn, grow and share together.