Previous Conferences

ID Technique Deep Dive 2022


The ID Technique Deep Dive 2022 is built for industrial designers to upskill and explore the fascinating stages of the ID process where ideas come to life through drawings, renderings, and modeling.


Sustainable Leadership Deep Dive 2022


The Sustainable Leadership Deep Dive 2022 is an opportunity for professionals to increase their knowledge at the intersection of earth-saving design practices and the value-driven role design plays in strategic decision-making and successful business outcomes. 



Women in Design Deep Dive 2022

This is a gathering built to recognize the unique talents, initiatives, challenges, and successes of women in the industrial design industry.


Have you missed being able to network in person? Eager to bump elbows with your peers and new connections over coffee? We are thrilled to return to a live, in-person setting for this event! Join us at The Vue in Columbus, Ohio on Thursday, March 31 and Friday, April 1, 2022 to celebrate inspiring leaders who are forging their own paths and energizing future generations to follow in their footsteps. 

Business of Design Deep Dive 2021


The Business of Design Deep Dive 2021 highlights the important role industrial design plays in business successes and promotes the value designers can bring to strategic decision-making, both in the creative studio and in the board room.



Women in Design Deep Dive 2021


The Women in Design Deep Dive 2021 is a gathering built to recognize the unique talents, initiatives, and challenges of women in the industrial design industry.


For a 5th consecutive year, IDSA is continuing our efforts to create a safe and welcoming space for critical conversations about the design industry and showcasing the very best female-identified and non-binary designers making a mark today.

Sustainability Deep Dive 2021


The Sustainability Deep Dive 2021 seeks to leverage our resources, processes, and voice as industrial designers to establish new ways of thinking and methodologies in our studios, companies, and corporate settings that can help to ensure the ongoing health of our planet and its precious resources.



Getting It Made Deep Dive 2021 (GIMDD 2021)

The Getting It Made Deep Dive is built to highlight the critical stages of the industrial design process related to bringing a product out of the conceptual stages and into the marketplace.



Medical Design Deep Dive 2020


IDSA's Medical Design Deep Dive 2020 pushes to build vital connections and conversations both inside and outside of the medical design industry.

Sustainability Deep Dive 2020


Decades of global human activity and the expanding greenhouse effect have created a situation that needs to be addressed with more urgency than ever. We think design can help. Action must be taken today if we have any hope of creating paths forward to a sustainable future.


Women in Design Deep Dive 2020


Women in Design is a gathering built to recognize the unique talents, initiatives, and challenges of women in the industrial design industry.


IDSA is proud to continue our mission of creating safe and welcoming spaces for critical conversations. Women in Design is just that kind of event and aims to disrupt decades-old patterns of inequality by establishing a new, more inclusive, and equitable design industry.