Women in Design Deep Dive 2019


A gathering built to celebrate the unique talents, initiatives and challenges of women in the industrial design industry.


Women in Design is a welcoming environment, bringing together both men and women to network and learn about the struggles and accomplishments of working in an industry historically and predominantly inhabited by males. Events like this are a critical step towards disrupting decades-old patterns and establishing a new, more inclusive design industry. 

Now more than ever, our ability to innovate is influenced by the personal connections we make. IDSA invites you to San Francisco, California to engage in discussion of today’s most crucial issues while collaborating on ways to make a positive impact in our industry. Our composition and community value are strengthened by elevating voices from divergent backgrounds, experiences and perspectives.



IDSA is proud to serve as a facilitator of these conversations, and this year we are excited to partner with Dolby Laboratories as host of this special event. At the Women in Design Deep Dive 2019, you will have the opportunity to participate in a series of exceptional lectures and interactive workshops that explore just who the female designer is within today’s shifting creative culture.

As designers, it is our mission to provoke change, even – perhaps especially – when doing so disrupts the status quo. Join us as we honor the female leaders who have broken the mold to bring us this far and energize those who will carry us into the next generation.






Thank you to our event partners


For more information on supporting Women in Design 2019, please contact Carrie Green carrieg@idsa.org