Medical Design Conference 2015

Welcome to the 2015 IDSA Medical Design Conference—the premier medical design event—set for Oct. 21-22, 2015 at the Center for Advanced Medical Learning and Simulation (CAMLS) in Tampa, FL. The focused conference will be conducted by a forum of experts on the practice of medical design and its impact on healthcare on a global scale. 

We all know the costs associated with the design, development and use of medical devices are increasing—but what are we as a design community doing about it?  Join the robust debate, experiential workshops and hands-on lab with the opportunity to play surgeon. We’ll discuss our abilities and challenges to innovate new devices and to improve the value of current, clinical therapies which are reliant on the devices we design and are becoming increasingly vital to the health and welfare of the global society. Industrial design has increasing influence over medical design, to open the opinion from design for usability—to design for delight.

The IDSA Medical Design Conference, focusing on the practice and current methodologies used in device development, will be balanced between two tracks: knowledge sharing presentations and workshops.

While our discussions will include Medical Design 101 (design research techniques; application of human factors; and interface with clinical personnel), we’ll also focus on Medical Design 102 in the following key areas:

  • Digital Health—Case studies with FDA approval including but not limited to: connecting implantable devices with external software, e-patients, etc.
  • Perspectives of the Healthcare Ecosystem—The role of design in affecting purchase decision models, business impact, black market and perspectives of key players (physicians, nurses, etc.).
  • Medical design for Aging—The “Silver Tsunami.”
  • Differences in medical design for developing world vs. Western technology.
  • Best practices in medical design.

Join us for this insightful conference aimed at delivering contemporary content you can use in your next medical design. I sincerely look forward to meeting you there and hearing what you’ve been working on! Follow the excitement leading up to, and at, the conference on Twitter @IDSA #IDSAMedical15 @CAMLSTAMPA


MaryBeth Privitera, MDes., IDSA
2015 IDSA Medical Design Conference Chair

Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering
Director, Medical Device Innovation & Entrepreneurship Program
Director, Center for Collaborative Medical Device Design
University of Cincinnati
Co-Chair, Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation Human Engineering Committee