2016 West Conference

Welcome to IDSA’s 2016 West District Design Conference, DESIGN: GIFT Empathy Driven Solutions.

Life is challenging. Often, distractions create tension between the things we have to do—and the things we want to do. Experience the adrenaline rush of working alongside people you have never met before, and analyzing empathetic drivers to assess, create, prototype and present solutions. You need cool nerves, quick reflexes and a clear understanding of what a gift it is, to be able to design and find answers. The rewards of this design swarm will be great indeed!

At IDSA’s 2016 West District Design Conference (WDDC), keynotes and other top-notch presenters will inspire designing with empathy by examining the current culture and diving into the issues faced when educating clients, in-house existing processes and/or the next generation. Experts will share how to best position yourself to innovate and exceed expectations using empathy.

We’ll discuss and help you build a tool kit for:

  • DESIGN: It’s no longer a cliché. We are only as good as who and what surround us. The need for personal connectivity is greater today then ever before. Design under pressure while exercising your ability to connect with people you have never met before.
  • EMPATHY: TIME TO PRACTICE: Your understanding of empathy as a research tool will be stretched and evolve. Develop a new appreciation and approach to determining where and how to best search and quantify empathy as a driver for implementing solutions.
  • GIVING BACK=LIFE: Design inspiration can come from unexpected sources. Some hear a great podcast; others listen to music; many come in contact with great people. There will be a special guest who will inspire you like no other. Your life as a design resource will be enhanced; each of us will be reinvigorated to connect with socially impactful design.

From April 1–2, 2016—as Metropolitan State University of Denver marks more than half a century of Transforming Lives—IDSA’s WDDC will include practical workshops led by some of the top minds in the design industry, along with in-depth discussions on what it takes to succeed. There also will be a pre-conference event; Design Swarm; Student Merit Awards; a Saturday night industry party; and internship/job interviews.

Take advantage of world-renowned attractions—Breckenridge, Vail, A-Basin, Winter Park and other unforgettable ski/snowboard destinations—all within a couple hours of Denver, just named by US News & World Report as the best place to live in the United States (we knew it all along)!

I look forward to seeing you! Join the excitement leading up to the conference @IDSA #WDDC16 @MSUDenver on Twitter.

Jason P Belaire, IDSA
West District VP, IDSA Board of Directors