2016 South Conference

Welcome to the 2016 South District Design Conference: desXgn - experience is everything.

Industrial designers are a melting pot of technical skill, raw talent and a willingness to explore. A successful designer must be able to speak many "languages" expertly to bring ideas to reality—and work with a wide range of other disciplines along the way. The ideal outcome of this multidisciplinary approach—revolutionary products that are beautiful, blur lines, make an impact and change people’s lives for the better.

In broader terms, design today is all about delivering fantastic experiences across many touchpoints—moments of surprise and delight that connect people to the objects they own, spaces they inhabit and services they use. The result is a journey that must be crafted meticulously, with thoughtful care and empathy for human needs and business objectives. If a great experience is the culmination of several elements, then what does it mean if industrial designers are focusing only on "how it looks" or "how it feels"?  It’s time to explore a wider approach and set a course for a new future design, where experience is everything.

Follow the journey to the 2016 South District Design Conference on Twitter @IDSA #SDDC16 and join us April 15–16, 2016 on The Plains of Auburn University in beautiful Auburn-Opelika, AL to experience design—like never before.

Chris Livaudais, IDSA
South District VP, IDSA Board of Directors
Creative Director, Experience & Service Design, inreality