2015 Northeast Conference

Welcome to Design + ______

Many design conferences consist mainly of designers talking to designers about design. But that doesn’t really represent what we do—not in the real world.

Design is a critical component of almost every solution, but it is not the only part. Complex problems require expertise in engineering, business, strategy, environment, marketing and research. Designers may choose to tackle these problems themselves, or opt to work with specialists. The question is when should you be a jack-of-all-trades, and when should you collaborate?

During the conference, we will hear from both experts in related industries, as well as from designers who have taken on the related roles themselves. We will learn from real world experiences, successes and failures, around designers collaborating with other disciplines. We will gain insight on how to develop tangential value and, most importantly, how to develop best practices through cross-collaboration. 

Mark your calendar for April 24 – 25 in Boston. It’s going to be an excellent time!

Jeremy Van Hill, IDSA
Northeast District VP