2015 Central Conference

Want to see everything the IDSA Central District Design Conference has to offer?
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Welcome to the Nature of Design.

Design, like nature is constantly evolving. It has changed from producing stand-alone, artifact-based design solutions to creating a connected and automated design experience economy. How is the collective need of humanity changing? Shouldn’t we start to re-think our design methodologies?

Nature is arguably the greatest inspiration for designers all over the globe. We still have a lot to learn from the flora & fauna and the immense ideas that nature plays out every single day. Many of the solutions that we see and experience have been in the making for thousands of years.

We have chosen some amazing individuals who will shed light on how we can learn from nature and apply those concepts to our built environment and the manufactured objects that we design and consume in our daily lives. Attendees will engage with thought-provoking speakers and panel discussions, visit local design studios and enjoy a rocking closing party. It’s going to be fun, engaging and inspirational!

Join us in Columbus, April 17 – 18 for a conference that will impact the nature of your design thinking.

Jeevak Badve, IDSA
Central District VP