2014 Medical Design Conference

The healthcare space provides a unique and complex landscape of problems and opportunities for creative research, design and development. This training conference, conducted by a forum of experts, focused on how to approach design in the healthcare domain within the realm of usability. Topics ranged from the evolving synergy between the industrial design and human factors engineering disciplines to enabling the healthcare culture and treating illness.

The Usability Ecosystem delivered advanced content for product development and usability specialists practicing in the healthcare space. The conference was balanced between two primary formats:

  • Discussions on why and what design can do to affect usability and,
  • In situ workshops on how usability design methods can be effective.

As an added benefit to attendees, the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) held a one-day workshop, Design Control: the Intersection of Human Factors, Industrial Design and Risk Management at CAMLS immediately following The Usability Ecosystem