Evan MacDonald

Evan MacDonald
Branding & Design
Freefly Systems

Evan MacDonald is a brand and content strategist and graphic designer based in Seattle. He has worked with many brands in many industries including Nike, Gatorade, Microsoft, Walmart, Sales Force, NBC Universal, Capital One and others. MacDonald currently works on the design and content teams at Freefly Systems. He also produces and co-hosts Freefly's new podcast, "Every Axis."

Designing a Creative Culture

Establishing a culture that taps into the creative potential of the entire team increases employee fulfillment and the rate of innovation—and can draw a cult following to any brand. Designers can have an almost heliotropic effect on others when it comes to influencing creative culture.

Unlocking creativity has little to do with office ping pong tables, free snacks or unlimited time off. Evan MacDonald of Freefly Systems finds that by teaching everyone to treat business problems like design problems and by depending on everyone to be a "creative professional," we can be leaders of culture in our organizations.