Erica Eden

Erica Eden
Director, Global Design Innovation

Erica Eden is a strategic thinker, helping PepsiCo innovate for women by understanding what to make, why it matters and how to connect with design. She sees each innovation challenge through the eyes of the consumer and guides ideas into scalable business opportunities.

Previously, Eden founded Femme Den—the first design lab for female consumers, powered by Smart Design. Femme Den helps clients in CPG, health, tech, auto and finance who struggle to connect with women because of embedded male-oriented priorities and cultural misunderstandings. Eden delivered design-actionable strategies that rebalance gender perspectives, which is key to winning marketshare because women purchase 85 percent of all consumer goods and services, yet account for under 15 percent of innovation decision-makers.

Eden holds 20+ patents and has been featured on ABC News and in Fast Company, The New York Times, ID magazine, Blueprint and other media.

Women Are Not Robots: A Case for a Human Approach to Innovation

Erica Eden, director of global design innovation at PepsiCo, reports that a design audit of the consumer packaged goods category reveals what works (and what doesn’t) for women—from brand and packaging to food design and nutrition, and more.

Essentially, we treat women like robots—one-dimensional stereotypes that respond to quantitative and highly rational needs—a series of 0s and 1s. We’ve forgotten that women, unlike robots, make emotional decisions with their hearts and eyes, with rational benefits working hard in the background. Despite demand, human and holistic solutions for women are in short supply. Design can help! Looking outward, we see a series of oversights and opportunities.