Emily Stokes


Emily Stokes
Industrial Designer | Priority Designs

Emily Stokes is an industrial designer at Priority Designs, a product development consultancy in Columbus, Ohio. She practices design for the medical, consumer electronic, soft goods, industrial and home product categories. Emily works to create products that are beautiful while satisfying the needs of the client and the end user. A swiss army knife designer, Emily delivers quality solutions on a wide range of tasks, including concept sketching, storyboards, CAD, rendering, video and animation.



Women in Design Deep Dive 2020 Session Description

W.A.D. - Women Aided Design 

From the first day of design school to your first job and through your most current, killer design project, each woman has her own story that has made her who she is today—and most of our stories include women helping other women along the way. W.A.D. is as much about Emily's story as your story and mine. It is also about learning and utilizing the most cutting-edge technology (CMF 3D printers) and tools (CAD & Render) to not only give women a voice in the product design process, but also ensure that voice is bold, colorful and confident, just like the products we are bringing to market. Emily will be aided by two other women in presenting this session—Alicia Kozlowski, a Priority Designs Industrial Design Intern, and Gina Scala, a 3D printing technologist from Stratasys—featuring a recent project they are working on together.