Elyse Dierking

Elyse Dierking
Senior Strategist

Elyse Dierking is a senior strategist at LPK in Cincinnati, where her experience in qualitative research drives smart decision-making for clients. “I am endlessly curious about the experiences in the lives of those around me, and the circumstances that create them,” she says. “My interest in people led me to industrial design, and the design of the products we interact with every day that often goes unnoticed.”

Combining her background in industrial design and insights-driven work, Dierking makes meaningful connections between people and brands. She earned her bachelor’s degree in industrial design from University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning (DAAP).

On Being A Hybrid

In today’s dynamic professional climate, new rules are written every day, and faster than ever: for businesses, brands and designers. Adaptability has become not only a request but a demand, driving a declining need for generalists. A self-described “hybrid," Elyse Dierking will discuss how her professional journey (including identifying and avoiding dead-ends along the way) led to a role today that allows her to connect the dots with multi-disciplinary teams, clients and consumers.