2019 – 2020 Election Results


IDSA is pleased to present the newest members of our Board of Directors and District Chapter Representatives. These individuals are all uniquely qualified in their own right and many have already dedicated so much of their time to the betterment of our organization. We are delighted to have their continued support and talents on our team. Participating in our organization at this level is an outward symbol of dedication and commitment that represents the very best in what being an IDSA member is all about. Through their work and dedication, our Society continuously improves year over year. 


Serving as an officer of the Society and a member of the Board of Director's Executive Committee, the Secretary/Treasurer helps oversee the Society’s funds and financial records while ensuring that proper accounting procedures are followed. They work closely with IDSA’s Finance and Accounting department to develop annual reports that provide the Board of Directors a clear view of the Society’s long-term fiscal health. 

The ideal candidate has a design background yet has proven experience working on the business side of the operation. The Secretary/Treasurer is a 'number cruncher,' versed in financial analysis and modeling who blends these skills with a designer's thinking.

Lee Fain, IDSA
Co-Head Design Strategy, Sr. Design Strategist
Idea Couture


The At-Large Director – Awards is responsible for overseeing IDSA's internal and external awards programs. They serve as Chair of the Awards Committee which develops strategic recommendations for these programs.

A focus for the 2019-2020 term will be on IDSA's internal awards programs: IDSA Awards (Fellowship, Educator of the Year, etc), SMAs and GSMAs. The At Large Director – Awards will make recommendations on processes, criteria, relevancy and transparency of current awards issued, all while ensuring that nominees and recipients meet the highest standards of excellence.

The ideal candidate has been a juror for an awards program before or has perhaps won a few design awards themselves.

ClayVon Lowe, IDSA
Design & Development Lead


The Chapter Director promotes, monitors and nurtures chapters leadership teams and represents chapters interests on the Board of Directors. This role is responsible for cultivating opportunities for relationships among chapters, sections and education representatives at universities across the country.

The Chapter Director serves as Chair of the Districts Committee, which is made up of the District Chapter Representatives (DCR). Together, they focus on communication, education and training to grow and evolve the chapter program at the grassroots level.

The ideal candidate has served as a District Chapter Representative (formerly District Vice President) and/or has been active in their local professional chapter. They are a proactive leader and thrive in situations where they can mentor a team to perform at a high level.

Jordan Bahler, IDSA
Lead Industrial Designer
Delta Faucet Co.


West, Midwest and South District positions are open for election. District Chapter Representatives are responsible for working directly with the professional chapters and design communities within their district. Each will focus on fostering the growth of chapters in their region, mentoring chapter officers, creating connections among chapters and engaging members who live "in between" chapters.

DCRs accomplish this by assisting with the SCARF process, holding regular touch-base calls, attending events in their district and supporting District Conference planning efforts. DCRs make up the Districts Committee, chaired by the Chapter Director on IDSA's Board of Directors. DCRs also serve on the Nominations Committee, helping to formalize the slate of candidates during elections cycles.

The ideal candidate has been a rockstar chapter officer and has made a name for themselves in their local design community. They should have basic knowledge of how local design events are run and enjoy passing on their knowledge to others.


Henry Hiltner, IDSA
Designer / Owner
dVERB Studio



John McCabe, IDSA



Shawn Egan, IDSA
Lead Engineer / Innovation
Tacony Corp.