University of Illinois at Chicago

Design is a discipline of rigorous inquiry: questioning what is and what could be. The practice of design is aresponsibility and a privilege. It is an independent pursuit that precipitates collective action. Design advances theinterplay between the exalted and the everyday, and stimulates an interchange between diverse disciplines.Serving as both a unifying force and catalyst for change, the designer plays a pivotal role in the formulation andadvocacy of ideas.

Chicago, one of the world’s great cities, is an ideal environment for the will of the designer-citizen: sharp-eyed,proactive, transcendent. UIC Design provides the impetus and critical forum necessary to amplify talent andquicken intuition, perfect skills, and expand intellect.




Degrees Offered

  • BA DesignStudies
  • BDes Industrial Design
  • Dual Major BDes Industrial and Graphic Design
  • MDes Industrial Design

Awards & Scholarships

  • UIC Osmosis Charles Harrison Scholarship
  • IDSA Student Merit Award Winners (Undergraduate: 2014, 2015, 2016, and Graduate: 2018)


University of Illinois at Chicago School of Design
845 W. Harrison Street / MC036
Chicago, IL 60607
Student Chapter Advisor: Kimberlee Wilkens, IDSA