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The mission of Paier College’s, Shintaro Akatsu School of Design (SASD), is to offer professional education in the design fields leading to baccalaureate degrees and culminating in successful design careers. SASD develops students’ abilities to identify, analyze, and solve design problems using culturally sensitive and environmentally sustainable methodologies and technologies. SASD is committed to advancing the use of best practices and innovative strategies in all areas of design. 

The SASD, four year, Bachelor of Science Industrial Design program emphasizes conceptualization, design, research, and production of products for home, personal, industrial and commercial use. Design projects range from medical, shoe, furniture, packaging, and many other domestic and commercial products. Students learn to research, design, and develop product concepts, visualize them using the latest design programs and technologies, and build physical models in our model shop or using laser cutting or 3D printers.  Students learn about the fundamentals and details of design, their application to real world use, design’s impact on the population nationally and globally, and means and methods to take their designs from concept to reality. The program offers opportunities to collaborate with companies and to design for the community. The faculty is composed of practicing Industrial Design professionals. Advanced design topics include ergonomics, materials and manufacturing, and entrepreneurship.

The SASD design program at Paier College offers studio spaces, computer labs, an art and design library, and an inspiring location.



Degrees Offered

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design 

NASAD Accredited



Paier College
491 University Avenue
Bridgeport, CT 06604


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