The International Center for Creativity in conjunction with Cedarville University


The International Center for Creativity partnered with Cedarville University nearly a decade ago to create a refreshed and retooled, market-relevant, industrial and innovation design major.  With input from dozens of industry professionals, this new approach has quickly delivered results, with placements rates well over 90% in major-related design positions, and a fifth-place ranking in the nation by "College Values."  The open studio environment is located in a historic converted barn in a northwest suburb of Columbus, Ohio, in the former headquarters of the famed industrial design firms Richardson Smith and Fitch, providing a true real-world atmosphere and unmatched interactions with design, marketing, engineering and entrepreneurial leaders.

Program Description

The Bachelor of Arts in Industrial and Innovative Design major is truly unique in many aspects, and caters to the diverse learning styles of aspiring creative professionals.  Emphasizing experiential learning, design thinking methodology, rapid prototyping, sketching for communications, research, and human factors, for example, the major allows students to "own their work" and be in an atmosphere of support, accelerated learning and professionalism.

The areas of study are diverse as well including multiple tracks and experiential learning projects in interior architectural space, exterior architectural space, consumer product design and transportations design.  This broader approach allows students to create flexible and rich portfolios, and prepares them for a more expansive list of career opportunities.

Further, the four-year, fully accredited degree is taught in modules and in a sequential format, versus a sometimes-disruptive concurrent schedule found in traditional academic settings.  This format allows for deeper explorations, higher retention, and production deadlines that are more in line with the demands of design departments and firms.

Students spend their first two years on Cedarville University's main campus, prior to transitioning to the International Center for Creativity, creating an exciting combination of a traditional and vibrant main campus experience with the immersion into their major at a very special campus of their own.  Further, Cedarville was recently ranked 5th by a Wall Street Journal survey of all colleges and universities in the country for "professors engagement." Cedarville is a private Christian university, with over 3,700 students from all 50 states and 61 countries.

Degrees Offered

B.A., Industrial and Innovative Design


The Metzler Scholarship 



Contact Info

Jim Stevenson

NASAD Accredited


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