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Product Design in the 21st century is a complex endeavor that operates both within and beyond the consumer paradigm. The Product Design track in the School of Design at Carnegie Mellon University explores themes of materiality, interaction, and technology through rich practices of form-giving, design research, and iterative development. We aspire for the products we design to play important roles in advancing the state of the world, enhancing the human experience, and advocating for a critical balance between the built and natural worlds. Our program offers a novel disciplinary approach that provides for students to develop the requisite 21st century skill set, mindset, and motivation to use Product Design practice for positive benefit across a variety of industries, organizations, and contexts (It's not just about making stuff). Further, our curriculum acknowledges that no product exists in isolation—it is always part of larger complex social, political, environmental, and economic systems. We believe that Product Design today operates within these established systems and works to change the status quo through equitable, progressive, and sustainable approaches.

The School of Design holds one of the oldest Industrial Design programs in North America and is considered one of the top international programs for ID education. Our 4-year program prepares students for many industries, including furniture, digital devices, medical and sporting equipment, apparel and soft goods, industrial products, safety devices, mobility and transportation, and household goods and appliances.

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Degrees Offered

  • Bachelor's of Design
  • Master's of Design
  • Master's of Professional Studies in Design
  • Master of Arts in Design
  • PhD in Transition Design 

NASAD Accredited



Carnegie Mellon University
School of Design
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Student Chapter Advisor: Mark Baskinger, IDSA


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