Dylan Urquidi

Dylan Urquidi
Senior Software Engineer
Unity Labs

Dylan Urquidi is a senior software engineer at Unity Labs, currently developing Unity's EditorVR. Taking from his background in engineering, 2D and 3D design and technical art—he is crafting tools for developers and creatives on the frontier of extended reality (XR).

The Importance of Industrial Design in the Evolving XR Landscape

Dylan Urquidi will discuss the intersection and importance of industrial design in the current VR landscape, and how it will evolve as the industry and society move toward an XR (AR/MR/VR) paradigm.

He will explore the role that amorphic ID will play in creating adaptive virtual aesthetics and how that combination will contribute to the adoption of “always on” XR lifestyles. Urquidi also will cover the new skillsets and design methodologies that savvy industrial designers can employ, in order to be better prepared for the impending XR market and consumer base.