Designing Fast and Slow | Mike Kruzeniski

Slow has a plan. Slow is thoughtful. Slow is careful. Slow double checks the details. Slow makes sure to get it right.

Fast is trying. Fast is learning. Fast makes decisions. Fast makes mistakes. Fast is first. Fast is winning.

At Microsoft and Nokia, Mike Kruzeniski worked on products that could take multiple years to make. Now at Twitter, he is working on products that ship daily. Web companies have pioneered product development methods that move extremely fast, allowing designers to update their products constantly. These methods are quickly being brought to software, services and mobile apps—and physical products will follow.

While powerful, this way of working often rubs against the considerate course that designers like to take. Vision, process, quality, craft, details—these things take time. Designers like slow. But while you’re making your vision video, your competition is kicking your butt. Fast is better. Kruzeniski will share what he’s learned while building design in to a fast company.