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IDSA presents Design Voices: a monthly recurring series of short-form virtual design events that bring together top design leaders to present, discuss, and debate current trends and specific practice areas. 


Starting in May 2020, Design Voices will take place on the last Tuesday of the month. Each hour-long webinar offers an in-depth discussion and presentations from industry experts, followed by a moderated Q&A where attendees can post questions and interact with the presenters. Topics will be pulled from a variety of sources, including IDSA's Special Interest Sections, in-the-moment design trends, and subjects requested by our community. The goal is to create a regular forum for discourse and rich wellspring of ideas and inspiration for participants. Each session is recorded and will be posted in the weeks to follow for all to enjoy. Design Voices originally began in 2015 with a series of 1-hour, interactive webinars, sponsored by Philips, based on IDSA's inaugural Medical Design Conference. These sessions are achived at the bottom of the page.

Design Voices events are FREE for all current IDSA members and $10 per event for non-members. Advance registration for each event is required. See links below.

Conquering the Chaos of Creativity

Tuesday, December 15, 2020
1pm ET

The process of creative problem solving is an essential element for the creator to improve humanity through innovation. In this session, Doug Patton and guests Alex Demmler and Phoebe Camilletti will discuss how to harness your innate creativity, empower your problem-solving capability, and imagine more. They will speak about the interconnected whole of mind-body-spirit in the process of imagination to effect positive change.

Creativity is a hallmark of human evolution. We are uniquely wired to transform imagination into reality, moving from "what if?" to "here it is!" Somewhere along the way, though, we lose touch with our innate creativity, as we lack an understanding of how to access and properly harness it. This session will be a practical, problem-solving guide meant to help you tap into your unique creativity, as this can help you live a more fulfilling life.

This Design Voices virtual event is sponsored by Patton Design.

Hosted by Doug Patton, Founder and CEO of Patton Design, with:

  • Alex Demmler, Industrial Designer, Patton Design

  • Phoebe Camilletti, Writing Coach and Editor

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Previous Design Voices Events



How Industrial Design Can Save Fashion

Tuesday, October 27, 2020
1pm ET

An empowering conversation about how innovative design thinking is transforming the Fashion Industry. Learn how emerging industrial designers can shape the post-pandemic future by using technology, sustainability and human centered practices.

Hosted by Rob Price, Senior Design Consultant and Creative Director at Price Design NYC, with:

  • Keith Kirkland, Co-founder of WearWorks
  • Lizz Hill, Business Development at Formlabs


IP/Design Protection 

Tuesday, August 25, 2020
1pm EST

A dialogue built to explore recent design patent cases and their rulings as a way to understand and expose the impact those cases have on us as industrial designers, both individually and as a profession.

Hosted by Charles L. Mauro CHFP, IDSA, President & Founder, MAURO Usability Science, with:

  • Joel Delman, IDSA, Industrial Design Consultant and Design Expert Witness
  • Elizabeth Ferrill, Partner at Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner, LLP


Transportation Design - Collaboration in Innovation

Tuesday, July 28, 2020
1pm EST

A conversation exploring current trends and emerging technologies taking hold in the world of transportation design, and how designers are leveraging both to envision and realize the future of mobility. Paul Priestman of Priestman Goode will focus on what the future holds for the transportation sector and the role of collaboration in innovation. Mary Lombardo of Collins Aerospace will cover the subject of creativity in collaboration with mechanical design, explaining how Collins Aerospace leverages the creativity of Industrial Design with innovative practices, like lean and agile design thinking, to rapidly produce designs that interest customers.

Hosted by Glenn Johnson, IDSA, Fellow of Industrial Design - Interior Systems, Collins Aerospace, with:

  • Paul Priestman, Chairman, PriestmanGoode
  • Mary Lombardo, Advanced Technologies, Engineering Excellence, & Certification, Collins Aerospace


Intersections : Design and the Queer Mind! 

Tuesday, June 30, 2020
1pm EST

Join three designers turned queer storytellers for a Design Voices Pride event. They'll host a fireside chat sharing their personal journeys and a provocative conversation on life in design, live from the Queer Mind.

Hosted by Vanessa Melendez, Principal Designer- Global Baby Care at Procter & Gamble, with:

  • Cory Fites, Associate Design Director, Strategy & Innovation - The Clorox Company
  • Nicholas Lo, Industrial Designer - Method


Beauty in Design 

Tuesday, May 26, 2020
1pm EST

For function-oriented designers, “beauty” can seem like a dirty word. It's marked by the stigma of frivolous ornamentation and embracing the ephemeral in rejection of rationality and the timeless. What is often overlooked in the classic debate between form and function, is that beauty is a function in and of itself. We select, cherish, and promote those objects which bring us joy, and to suggest that beauty is irrelevant is to ignore that fundamental facet of human psychology. And while applying narrow criteria by which we define beauty can stifle innovation, celebrating our individual tastes, preferences, and perspectives can immeasurably enhance it.

Hosted by Hector Silva, IDSA, Executive Director at Advanced Design, with:

  • Laura Silva, Vice President, Global Tech and Ops - Accessibility Technology UX Design Lead, Bank of America
  • Alex Lobos, IDSA, Visiting Fellow, Strategic Foresight at Autodesk


Design Voices with Stephen Wilcox, FIDSA
The Future of Healthcare and What it Means for the Role of Industrial Designers

The presentation starts with a summary of the changes that have taken place in healthcare, particularly with medical devices, over the past 30 years, then provides predictions of what will happen in the next 30 years. Medical care has changed dramatically; many of the procedures that we take for granted today didn’t exist 30 years ago. Changes in healthcare have relied upon general technological developments, so, to predict what will happen in the future, it’s necessary to predict what will change in technology. It seems likely that many present developments will continue—e.g., better computing power, smaller miniaturization, etc. The difficult part is to predict the radical changes to be expected in the future. The final challenge is to figure out what the role of industrial design will be in healthcare. 

This webinar is sponsored by:

Presenter: Stephen Wilcox, PhD, FIDSA
Recorded on May 5, 2015


Design Voices with Clay Marsh
Designing Healthcare of the Future: Disease to Wellness to Swellness

To sustainably improve the health of our population, health and healthy choices in communities need to become the norm. This presentation discusses our approach to this goal targeting the dimensions of health that include exercise, food, sleep, stress, social networks and family. We believe that the areas of Design and Design Thinking are critical to construct health ecosystems and optimize user experiences.  These complex systems are asymmetric, where a few agents or elements are more important than others. Ecosystem design allows us to initially target the high value areas of exercise, and envision how to construct an ecosystem that makes healthy choices and health the norm by bending the world around the person. This presentation will discuss how we are trying to construct this ecosystem with designers, focusing on optimizing the user experience at the interface level, and layering this experience set with precision tools to navigate individual decisions and nudge community decisions and offerings.

This webinar is sponsored by:

Presenter: Clay Marsh, MD
Recorded on April 15, 2015

Design Voices with Bill Evans, IDSA
mHealth and Medical Web App UI

What kinds of medical information-oriented products will designers be working on in 5 years time, and how can we rise to the patient and clinician ‘engagement’ challenges? Based on years of FDA/EU regulated UI design experience, Bill Evans gives his predictions and recount 5 lessons from the device UI world to help designers understand and meet these challenges:

  • Usability isn’t just can you use it, but WILL you use it.
  • Data isn’t useful if it isn’t actionable.
  • Sharing data—the practicalities and challenges beyond HIPAA concerns
  • User testing from start to finish—what are the issues specific to this kind of usability challenge
  • Small is beautiful—what kinds of rapid prototyping and small scale tests are likely to lead to success

This webinar is sponsored by:

Presenter: Bill Evans, IDSA
Download the slides
Recorded on March 18, 2015