Design Voices

IDSA presents the Design Voices Webinar Series. Starting in March of 2015 IDSA has presented design experts with a voice. Each hour-long webinar offered an information-packed presentation followed by a moderated Q&A where attendees posed their own thought-provoking questions. For more information on this series, please contact us at sends e-mail) or 703.707.6000.

Design Voices began with the IDSA Medical Design Webinar Series, a series of 1-hour, interactive webinars, sponsored by Philips, based on IDSA's inaugural Medical Design Conference.


Design Voices with Stephen Wilcox, FIDSA
The Future of Healthcare and What it Means for the Role of Industrial Designers

The presentation starts with a summary of the changes that have taken place in healthcare, particularly with medical devices, over the past 30 years, then provides predictions of what will happen in the next 30 years. Medical care has changed dramatically; many of the procedures that we take for granted today didn’t exist 30 years ago. Changes in healthcare have relied upon general technological developments, so, to predict what will happen in the future, it’s necessary to predict what will change in technology. It seems likely that many present developments will continue—e.g., better computing power, smaller miniaturization, etc. The difficult part is to predict the radical changes to be expected in the future. The final challenge is to figure out what the role of industrial design will be in healthcare. This webinar is sponsored by: 

Presenter: Stephen Wilcox, PhD, FIDSA
Download the webinar video

Design Voices with Clay Marsh
Designing Healthcare of the Future: Disease to Wellness to Swellness

To sustainably improve the health of our population, health and healthy choices in communities need to become the norm. This presentation discusses our approach to this goal targeting the dimensions of health that include exercise, food, sleep, stress, social networks and family. We believe that the areas of Design and Design Thinking are critical to construct health ecosystems and optimize user experiences.  These complex systems are asymmetric, where a few agents or elements are more important than others. Ecosystem design allows us to initially target the high value areas of exercise, and envision how to construct an ecosystem that makes healthy choices and health the norm by bending the world around the person. This presentation will discuss how we are trying to construct this ecosystem with designers, focusing on optimizing the user experience at the interface level, and layering this experience set with precision tools to navigate individual decisions and nudge community decisions and offerings.This webinar is sponsored by:

Presenter: Clay Marsh, MD
Download the webinar video

Design Voices with Bill Evans, IDSA
5 in 5: mHealth and Medical Web App UI | Bill Evans, IDSA

What kinds of medical information-oriented products will designers be working on in 5 years time, and how can we rise to the patient and clinician ‘engagement’ challenges? Based on years of FDA/EU regulated UI design experience, Bill Evans gives his predictions and recount 5 lessons from the device UI world to help designers understand and meet these challenges:

  • Usability isn’t just can you use it, but WILL you use it.
  • Data isn’t useful if it isn’t actionable.
  • Sharing data—the practicalities and challenges beyond HIPAA concerns
  • User testing from start to finish—what are the issues specific to this kind of usability challenge
  • Small is beautiful—what kinds of rapid prototyping and small scale tests are likely to lead to success

This webinar is sponsored by:

Presenter: Bill Evans, IDSA
Download the webinar video and slides