Design Leadership Bootcamp 2021


IDSA is proud to partner with Grow to offer an exclusive Design Leadership Bootcamp training program.


The IDSA + Grow Design Leadership Bootcamp is intended to help you prepare for your future as a design leader and equip you with the necessary knowledge to accelerate your professional growth. Classes start on November 15, 2021 and conclude on December 16, 2021. Registration has closed for this course.

At some point in your professional design journey, as your career advances through the ranks and ascending titles, you will eventually move away from the doing the WHAT (the art and love of designing and why we all became designers to start with) to managing the WHO & HOW (people and process) and eventually leading the WHY (business strategy and organizational growth).

Most designers are not well prepared for this natural evolution, and often find themselves thrown into the deep end with no real training or experience to guide them. Many eventually figure it out with lots of trail and error, with much more on the side of error, and many continue to struggle through their careers to be effective managers and leaders. This Bootcamp is designed for you to overcome these hurdles and become a successful design leader.




Who is this program for?


This program is best suited for professionals looking to advance their careers: whether you're a junior or senior designer looking to step up to a higher management role, a design manager who wants to be more efficient and effective in your role, or a director seeking to better lead your team and business to the next level. The Bootcamp is for all designers: whether working in-house/corporate, in an agency, or as a freelancer, and whether managing Industrial, Product, Graphics, Packaging, Brand, UI/UX, or even Innovation roles. This program is about understanding how to lead and manage Design (big D) and apply it to your unique company/market/situation. 



What will you learn? 


This 5-week intensive learning program will help you to more efficiently navigate between managing and leading content, people, and process across a variety of subject areas. The Bootcamp will cover:

Design Leadership

Learn key characteristics and competencies to become an effective design leader. Learn how to inspire and lead your business into new futures and new business areas. Learn how to inspire others around a vision and how to advance the position of design to become a more strategic partner.

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Design Management

Learn the differences and synergies between managing and leading. Learn how to clarify and position the various types of design management and how to identify and communicate opportunities for improvements, driving more efficiency and effectiveness.

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Design Strategy

Learn how to convince others and best communicate the need for a design strategy, and its relationship to overarching business and brand strategies. Learn how to develop an impactful yet pragmatic approach to developing a design strategy for your projects and/or programs to benefit your organization.

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Design Value

Learn how to demonstrate and justify investments in design and how those investments will generate value (return on investments) to your projects and programs. Learn how to utilize and leverage metrics and "proof" to help secure investments and build credibility in design for business. 

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Design for Humanity

Learn how to lead and influence your organization to ensure that all design solutions are considering circularity and sustainability, creating a (more) positive impact in the world. Learn how to create more awareness and ambition to leverage leading UN Sustainable goals.

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How will you learn?


This Bootcamp will be highly informative, inspiring, and interactive to help you in stepping up in your career and contributing to your business' triple bottom line of people, planet, and profit. You will have access to your own personalized learning platform, called "LiveBook," to access program content and interact with your peers. 

All masterclass sessions will run online Mondays from 3:00-7:00pm PST / 6:00-10:00pm EST and all workshops will run on Thursdays from 3:00-6:00pm PST / 6:00-9:00pm EST (the exception being a workshop on Wednesday, November 24). The Bootcamp will be conducted virtually using Zoom, Miro, and your own personal "LiveBook" to share content and collaborate.

The program will be taught over a 5-week period as:

  • Nov 15 - Design Management - masterclass
  • Nov 18 - Design Management - workshop
  • Nov 22 - Design Leadership - masterclass
  • Nov 24 - Design Leadership - workshop
  • Nov 29 - Design Strategy - masterclass
  • Dec 2 - Design Strategy - workshop
  • Dec 6 - Design Value - masterclass
  • Dec 9 - Design Value - workshop
  • Dec 13 - Design for Humanity - masterclass
  • Dec 16 - Design for Humanity - workshop

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Who will you learn from?


The instructors of this program are leading practitioners in the area of design leadership, with decades of experience in helping to advance and elevate design within organizations, companies, and agencies. This program will be taught by:

Jay Peters, IDSA

Jay has been a key resource helping to maximize the value of design for business by consulting senior leadership and  training designers and design managers in world-leading companies. With over 25 years of industry experience, Jay has been instrumental in advancing design for organizations such as LEGO, Nestle, Staples, Kimberley Clark, Bose, Roche, and many others. As a classically trained industrial designer, Jay also holds a Master's degree in Business Design and is an expert in bridging the gap between design and business.

Stephan Clambaneva, IDSA

Stephan is a design and innovation leader with 25+ years of comprehensive global experience in the areas of digital transformation, design, and innovation management. Stephan is accomplished in experience design, product lifecycle management, large-scale project management, new business development, global marketing, team building, manufacturing operations, stakeholder engagement, and providing cross-functional leadership to develop strategic planning and partnerships.

Tim McKeown

Tim provides extensive experience as a design manager and leader to empower future design leaders and deliver design-driven value in organizations. He has nearly 30 years of industry experience, including hands-on experience in Brand Design, Product Design, Design Studio management, Innovation Leadership, and User-Centered Design Methods within world-class design and innovation teams in global organizations such as Motorola, Whirlpool, Newell, Wilson, and McDonalds.


How much does it cost?


General Admission: $2,995

IDSA Members: $2,395 (20% discount)

Space is limited! This program is limited to only 20 participants. Small class sizes encourage an intimate learning environment for participants to learn from and share with one another. This is an opportunity to invest in your career and benefit so you can advance faster and go further. Join IDSA today to take advantage of the discounted Bootcamp rate. 


Enrollment has closed for this course.




After 10+ years of dedication to advancing design management and design leadership, Grow has over 1,000 graduates who all have one thing in common: Grow was one of the most impactful catalysts in their careers. Here are just a few previous participants who have shared how the program has impacted them.


About Grow


Grow is powered by PARK, a world-leading management consultancy specialized in Design Leadership, helping to maximize the value of Design for 100+ global leading brands for the past 23+ years. Grow Design Leadership Academy was launched over 12 years ago (founded as the LEGO Design Academy) and has since taught over 1,000 professionals from over 100 world-leading organizations with one goal in mind: to help designers, managers, and directors deliver more impact and value through management and leadership. Grow has been the fast track for many to ascend in their career advancement.

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