David Dombrowski, IDSA

David Dombrowski, IDSA
Director, Industrial Design & Innovation
Pfizer Consumer Healthcare

David Dombrowski, IDSA, positions himself as an industrial design leader at the epicenter of what he refers to as The Design Pyramid—where manufacturing, R&D, marketing and the consumer are equally expressed and considered in the design process.

Dombrowski heads Pfizer Consumer Healthcare’s Industrial Design and Innovation Group, formed in 2012 to make packaging and delivery systems as innovative, appealing and valuable to consumers as the products within.

Previously, Dombrowski worked for Group 4 and multiple consumer products corporations such as Phillips-Norelco, Fisher-Price, Schick and P&G. He holds more than 60 US and European patents. He holds an AAS in mechanical engineering from State University of New York (SUNY) College of Technology and a BID from the University of Bridgeport.