Daniel Neubauer, IDSA

Daniel Neubauer, IDSA
Lecturer of Industrial Design
Iowa State University

Daniel Neubauer is a lecturer of industrial design at Iowa State University.  He has a background as a furniture designer and in developing creative tools for non-designers. His research focuses on the role of emergent technology in user-centered design and design research.

Virtual Reality: A Design Methodology

Empathy is at the core of human-centered design and design thinking. Being able to put oneself into someone else’s shoes—truly immersing into the subject matter and discovering the actual issues to be solved—is crucial to successful problem finding and problem solving.

Daniel Neubauer and Verena Paepcke-Hjeltness, IDSA—both of Iowa State University—will shed light on how emergent technologies, focusing on virtual reality (VR), were explored through workshop charrettes in an effort to foster empathy for a restricted environment and its occupants, the International Space Station.

Learn the workshop planning, execution, materials, outcomes and potential for further implementation of VR tools in the early stages of design research.