Contextual Usability Study of Teams Workshop | Sean Hägen

Robotic Assisted Surgery—da Vinci Case Study


Devices requiring a team of users working concurrently present unique challenges for usability design in the medical space—ranging from collecting design inputs from contextual inquiry, to co-creation, to usability testing. This workshop will present methodologies for developing usability studies in the context of a robotic-assisted laparoscopic procedure. The da Vinci case study will be demonstrated in a high fidelity simulation, in which the participants can apply the techniques in real time.

The workshop will start with a 15-minute classroom presentation of a case study for usability, addressing a da Vinci system simultaneously being operated by a team of clinicians. The case study provides context for a high fidelity, simulated, robotic-assisted laparoscopic procedure where workshop participants can apply the techniques, in real time, in the operating room.