Vincent M. Foote, FIDSA

Vincent M. Foote, FIDSA

Inducted into the Academy of Fellows: 1981
IDSA Special Educator: 1993

Professor Emeritus Vincent M. Foote, FIDSA, served for over 40 years in the department of industrial design, college of design, at North Carolina State University. For his excellence in educating a generation of award winning design professionals and educators, he has received the Outstanding Teacher Award, the Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Professor Award, the Board of Governor’s Award for Teaching Excellence, and the Board of Trustees of NCSU Alexander Quarles Holladay Medal for Excellence in recognition of outstanding contributions to the university through research, teaching and service.

He has chaired 175 graduate committees and has served on graduate student committees for 85 industrial design/product design/visual design masters students. Foote has received many professional honors and citations including membership in IDSA Academy of Distinguished Industrial Design Educators, Phi Kappa Phi, and was elected three times as National Education Committee Chair.

He has served as an IDSA national vice president, member of the board of directors, member of the executive committee, regional vice president and chapter chairperson.

As member of IDSA's National Education Committee School Review he conducted on-site reviews of industrial design programs across the country, thus shaping the standards for excellence in design education in the U.S. In recognition of his service, he was inducted as a Fellow in 1981, and was made a member of the IDSA Academy of Distinguished Industrial Design Educators in 1993.