Strother MacMinn

1992 Strother MacMinn, IDSA (1919-1998)

Mac began teaching in 1948, and assisted in the design of cars for Opel, GM and Oldsmobile, and was instrumental in establishing Toyota's Calty Design Research Inc., the first automotive satellite studio in Southern California. He taught automotive design for 50 years at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena,CA.

His students went on to become leading automotive designers around the world. Michael Lamm, writer and publisher of articles about cars, said, "If you are in a car today, Mac probably influenced its design." Chuck Jordan, VP of Design for GM 1986-1982, said, "Mac never designed a car, but no one influenced car design more than he did." A member of IDSA, Mac also wrote articles about the history of automobiles for Motor Trend, Road & Track and other publications.