IDSA Special Achievement Award

The IDSA Special Achievement Award may recognize individuals, organizations, or specific projects notable for their creativity, innovation, passion or achievement in advancing the industrial design profession. Recipients of this distinction, through their recent work, have garnered special attention that spans industry lines and made significant contributions to their area of expertise.

Individuals may be nominated by a peer or may be identified by IDSA's Board of Directors or IDSA's Awards Committee as a candidate for this distinction. All candidates who qualify are rigorously evaluated by IDSA's Awards Committee and subsequently approved by IDSA's Board of Directors before being bestowed with this great honor.

This award may be presented to IDSA members and non-members. More than one Special Achievement Award may be given each year.

Past recipients of this award include:

2022   Brett Lovelady, IDSA & Astro Studios

2020   Yves Béhar, IDSA, fuseproject

2020   D'Wayne Edwards, Pensole Academy

2019   Advanced Design

2016   Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation

2015   Congressman Gerry Connolly

2011   Core77

2011   RitaSue Siegel Resources

2007   Samsung Design Membership Program / Mr. Kook-Hyun Chung

2001   Business Week magazine

2000   RISD's Universal Kitchen Project

1998   National Housewares Manufacturers Association

1997   Pratt Institute

1995   Tom Bidwell* of Crown Equipment

1994   NCR Corp.

1993   Motorola

1992   Henry Dreyfuss Associates 

1992   Congressman Carlos Moorhead*

1992   Congressman Richard Gephardt

1990   Design Management Institute 

1985   Department of Architecture and Design, MOMA

1981   Dr. Paul MacCready

1980   National Center for a Barrier Free Environment

1979   National Endowment for the Arts

1978   Bang and Olufsen

1978   IBM Corporation

1977   Armco Steel

1974   J. C. Penney & Co., Inc. 

1969   Pedro Ramirez-Vasquez

1968   Frederick J. Close* 

1966   R. Buckminster Fuller, IDSA*

1965   Constantinos Doxiadis* 

1965   Edgar Kaufmann Jr.* 


*  indicates deceased