IDSA Special Award

The IDSA Executive Committee may vote for a Special Award to recognize organizations and projects for: notable results; creative and innovative concepts; and long-term benefits to the profession, its educational functions and society at large. Prior to 1996, this award was given to individuals as well.

Past recipients of this award include:

2016   Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation

2015   Congressman Gerry Connolly

2011   Core77

2011   RitaSue Siegel Resources

2007   Samsung Design Membership Program / Mr. Kook-Hyun Chung

2001   Business Week magazine

2000   RISD's Universal Kitchen Project

1998   National Housewares Manufacturers Association

1997   Pratt Institute

1995   Tom Bidwell* of Crown Equipment

1994   NCR Corp.

1993   Motorola

1992   Henry Dreyfuss Associates 

1992   Congressman Carlos Moorhead*

1992   Congressman Richard Gephardt

1990   Design Management Institute 

1985   Department of Architecture and Design, MOMA

1981   Dr. Paul MacCready

1980   National Center for a Barrier Free Environment

1979   National Endowment for the Arts

1978   Bang and Olufsen

1978   IBM Corporation

1977   Armco Steel

1974   J. C. Penny & Co., Inc. 

1969   Pedro Ramirez-Vasquez

1968   Frederick J. Close* 

1966   R. Buckminster Fuller, IDSA*

1965   Constantinos Doxiadis* 

1965   Edgar Kaufmann Jr.* 


*  indicates deceased