Geraint Krumpe, IDSA

Geraint Krumpe, IDSA
Principal Design LLC
Secretary / Treasurer, IDSA Austin Chapter | 2020-2021

Geraint Krumpe is an experienced product designer and a multi-disciplinary creative professional. He's an owner of several patented products, and the inventor of almost 80 utility and design patents. 

Through his 18-year career as an industrial designer and product development professional, he has developed a talent for discovering and creating value, made manifest by profitable, functional, and emotionally compelling work. His specialties include balancing exploration with execution. 

Having recently launched Principal Design LLC in Austin, TX (previously Y Line Design of Chicago, IL), Krumpe directs the implementation of useful design methods to capture emergent value and generate new, actionable innovations. Guaranteeing useful, usable, and desirable solutions, Principal Design is a purpose-driven, ethically minded, and hands-on innovation consultancy, whose iterative process adapts to enhance the budgets, scope, and business objectives of their variety of customers.