Francesco Gianninoto, FIDSA

Francesco Gianninoto, FIDSA

Inducted into the Academy of Fellows: 1965

Francesco Gianninoto, FIDSA, was a US package designer who began his career as a commercial artist in 1920 with no formal training and became an art director at BBD&O. IN 1932, he established Gianninoto Associates where he served as president until 1983. He was a founder of the Package Design Council. Gianninoto was an honorary professor at Western Connecticut State University where he taught communication through design.

Two of his most famous designs were the Marlboro cigarette package (mid-1950s) and "Elsie Daisy" the Borden Cow. A member and fellow of an IDSA predecessor design organization, his fellowship was honored by IDSA when it was formed in 1965. He retired in 1983 to Fairfield County, CT.

The Gianninoto Graduate Scholarship originally was established with a $25,000 contribution by Gianninoto. Every year, IDSA grants one Gianninoto scholarship in the amount of $1,500 USD to be used by a student to help pay graduate course tuition toward the completion of an industrial design degree. Awards are based solely on the excellence of the work.