Design Creativity & Culture

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Design Creativity & Culture

Maurice Barnwell

Design, Creativity & Culture: An Orientation to Design is an accessible reader on the subject of design, culture and the creative processes active in society today.

Design, Creativity & Culture is unique in offering a fresh and innovative approach to assessing the cross-cultural, multi-disciplinary nature of design. Referencing design history, design process, cultural studies, media studies, visual culture, political culture, and information technologies, the book makes reference to the full spectrum of design disciplines, providing examples from architecture, interior, product, graphic and fashion design, from a variety of cultures from around the world.

Design, Creativity & Culture provides a clear synthesis of the interconnections of the design process in the multi-cultural global environment and provides an “orientation to design”.

The book is split into three distinct but interrelated sections—“Matrix”, “Form” and “Futures”. The section entitled “Matrix” discusses the origin and format of design, providing a wide-ranging overview of design and its place in culture. “Form” looks in more detail at the cross-disciplinary nature of design focusing on the period since the Second World War and the technological advances and environmental concerns impacting here. The section on “Futures” looks to the future and the changing nature of the design process and practice that are needed to meet requirements as we strive for a sustainable world.

The book provides examples and illustrations from a wide range of recognisable topics from the Big Bang to The Matrix, cave wall drawings to Twitter and Modernism to mass culture. Design, Creativity & Culture provides an inclusive, cross-cultural study of design that will provoke readers to question both design and culture.

Maurice Barnwell is professor at Ryerson University and lives in Toronto, Canada.

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