Charles Wallschlaeger, L/IDSA

2007 Education Award Winner

In his long tenure at The Ohio State University (OSU), Charles A. Charles Wallschlaeger was instrumental in creating one of the first full-scale industrial design departments at the university level. In more than 30 years there – including 19 as department chair, Charles influenced countless students and design educators.

Wallschlaeger came to OSU in 1961 as an assistant professor, following distinguished professional design work with the Container Corporation and Herman Miller. He structured a “Rationale” to establish an autonomous Industrial Design Department at the University featuring multiple tracks of concentration, undergraduate and graduate-level coursework, interdisciplinary cooperation, and exposure to the international community of designers. He became Chairman of the Department of Industrial Design in 1967 and held that position until 1986. Through his vision, leadership and dedication the OSU Department of Industrial Design rose to international prominence and – through its distinguished faculty and graduates – exerted a powerful influence in the wider business community. His 1992 publication, Basic Visual Concepts and Principles, remains an essential resource for students and professionals alike.

Wallschlaeger encouraged his students and faculty members to participate in IDSA activities and other design organizations. He hosted regional conferences, created a student IDSA chapter, held seminars, hosted visiting IDSA speakers and organized study tours and portfolio reviews. Through outreach and exchanges with international faculty and students, he played a key role in the global expansion of the profession.