Against the Grain: Designing/Making on a Smaller Scale | Kendrick Anderson

Furniture maker Kendrick Anderson highlights the field of studio art furniture, exploring how traditional methods are still alive and well among market demands for “faster and easier.”

These methods not only offer a transformative experience for the designer/maker, but also extend into the experience of the end user in both aesthetic and function. Trends will come and go, but Anderson argues that never before have we as designers/makers had access to creating objects that will truly stand the test of time.

Bamboo Blitz | Pam Dorr

CBS News hails Pam Dorr as a “one-woman stimulus package.” Fast Company says she “supports the idea that design thinking from the outside can drive change.”

Dorr turns trash into treasure, and along the way, helps communities get back on their feet. Now, in Bamboo Blitz, the former retail designer will provide insight into how she weaves design and social entrepreneurship, using locally-sourced materials, and in the process, helps provide housing, job training and small business growth to those in need.

Everything Matters—Innovating Experience | Russell Kroll, IDSA

Everyone’s talking about innovation , but no one’s talking about innovating. Nouns often embody the big ideas, but verbs are all about action. This session considers the innovation experience from the perspective of people experienced in innovation.

Repeatable innovation—the ability to consistently identify and take advantage of new opportunities—is central to the business of design. Russell Kroll, IDSA, will look beyond current innovation tropes to frame innovating as a repeatable process. He also will discuss how to make more meaningful decisions that expand the broadest definitions of design.

Our decisions affect how people experience the things we design. Everything matters!

Kiss the Past Hello ​ - New Ways to Deliver Familiar Experiences | Damian Mycroft

The “hard edges” of product function are blurring into a world that’s more connected. With it— the role of the industrial designer has broadened to think more ecosystem-wide. While technology brings opportunities for breakthrough innovations, sometimes we can learn from the past and allow technology to deliver more meaningful, human experiences.

Damian Mycroft, industrial design director at Coca-Cola and formerly of HP, Nokia and Philips, will explore examples of how industrial designers at major corporations have engaged with other functions and design disciplines to make new technologies familiar and meaningful.  He’ll look at how Coca-Cola is taking inspiration from a heritage of more than 100 years of industrial design to craft the experiences of tomorrow.

RE-BEL | Matthew Chambers

Imagine a leaderless, anti-scale, anti-status, anti-movement with the mission to illuminate, inform and clarify, by way of the most primal scream, the answer to the pivotal query of your existence. Matthew Chambers asks, what are you rebelling against?

Sketch On! A Workshop | Jeff Smith, IDSA

Sketching is a visual language, capturing ideas on paper, and these days, on a screen. There is a foundation and there are rules to this visual language. Come sketch with Jeff Smith, IDSA, education manager for Autodesk, in a hands-on workshop. He will lead participants through a series of drills followed by the “how” and “why.” Smith has a simple theory—practicing with the right skills, everyone can improve!

The Audience of Research | Laurissa Wolfram-Hvass

Understanding customers is an important part of creating excellent products and services. We spend countless hours talking to customers, surveying them and observing their behavior patterns—all with the intention of building something they need and want. But what happens after we collect and make sense of research findings? How does it go from interesting information to design and development? MailChimp Research Manager Laurissa Wolfram-Hvass describes how her team shares actionable customer insights throughout the company.

The True "Vehicle" of Design Experience | Jeevak Badve, IDSA

Our combined collective “experience” as modern humans has helped us to survive as a species for 200,000 years. Those ingrained emotive forces were/are on autopilot to “protect” us. But Jeevak Badve, IDSA, believes we might be bracing for the second “regress” of a very fundamental trait of what makes us uniquely human. And that might be connected to our newer appetite of experiencing life—both natural and manmade— around us.

Badve also will delve into the business of design and the placement of that elusive experience in design. The fundamental design of the objects and the product systems becomes the primary channel of delivering the overarching experience. It’s systematically uncovering, identifying and understanding the characteristics of that future ideal user experience and then expressing, articulating and injecting them in the product line attributes— optimized for the business goals. 

The Winning Card | Jessica Suarez

Hear from Jessica Suarez about choosing from what life deals you to create the best design experience.