Archived Sessions

3D Printing from Concept to Customer | Moschella, Anthony

The advent of low cost 3D printing is changing the way businesses work in a variety of industries and is poised to alter the consumer landscape as well. MakerBot has been a leader in consumer and prosumer personal fabrication since the beginning. Beyond providing 3D printing solutions to a new class of customers, MakerBot is a case study in how prototyping at the desktop can transform product development cycles. Rapid iteration at the product design level is only a part of the story.

Accelerating Change - The Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator | Johnson, Debera

What are the resources that designers need to transform their ideas into successful businesses?
How can we create an eco-system to support design commerce?
What is the intersection between fashion and technology?
How can we redefine the industry to be considerate of the environment and society?
How can we share our resources with the community to support education and workforce development? 

Be a Critical Champion | JD Albert

Our client base has shifted–lately design consultants are fielding more requests from entrepreneurs and startups interested in developing new products. This genre of client often requires designers to take on the dual role of designer/strategist or designer/advisor. 

Creating Design with Meaning | Sargeant, Matthew

It’s never been easier to develop a prototype and get potential customers excited about a design. But turning passion and concepts into finished products at consumer scale is still really difficult. Matthew Sargeant of Hatch Hub aims to help designers through that process to create amazing products that have real meaning.

Design It, Build It, Fund It... Don't Forget to Protect It! | Mauro, Charles

Design patents, which have traditionally been seen as a second-rate intellectual property (IP) option, have recently become primary IP assets of major corporations because of a USPTO statute allowing for the plaintiff to take all of the defendant's profits related to the patented design, if infringement is found. In the recent Apple v Samsung litigation, $1 billion, over 90 percent of the original awarded damages, came from infringed design patents.

From Prototype to Production: Crowdfunding Gets You There Faster & Smarter | Miriam Bekkouche

Bringing innovative products to market is a challenging process. Even the best ideas can stagnate as they hit the funding gap that exists between basic research, prototyping and commercialization. Savvy entrepreneurs, seeking to tap into a new stream of funding that comes directly from the consumer, increasingly use crowdfunding before their product hits the market. These teams understood that crowdfunding had the potential to unlock insights–and action–from their consumer-base that would ensure the long-term success of their business. 


How Tech Startups Are Empowering Designers | Zack Schildhorn

We are living through a historic moment. For the first time ever, individuals are gaining access to powerful technological tools that grant capabilities unthinkable just a few years ago. It's a time when anyone with a computer now also has a factory; a time when one person can reach millions with the click of a button; and, a time when once-dispersed dollars are now within close reach. As a venture capitalist focused on emerging technologies, Zack Schildhorn has spent years studying the tech startups bringing these new tools to market.

Introduction to Portfolio Reviews | Siegel, RitaSue

Siegel will discuss the evolution of content, presentation methods and prospective client or employer expectations with regards to design portfolios. 

Low-risk to No-risk | Lauren Slowik

Take your designs from concept to prototype to product all on one platform.

Open Designs. Opening Doors. | Prommel, Mark

At Pensa, we've gone in a new direction: BE OPEN. When we have a great idea, we don’t keep it under wraps—we tell everyone! Some might say we are asking to be ripped off. Truth is, if there is money to be made, there will be competition. But competition is a business problem, not a problem with being open. As designers, we are the champions of collaboration, creativity and optimism. We must fight against the fear of being open or risk stalling innovation. 

The Perfect Storm | Alden, Tor

High technology medical and consumer medical start-ups are on the increase and often have difficulty raising capital in the early stages. Tor Alden, Principal of HSD, will discuss the various paths HSD assists their clients to connect with funding opportunities through collaborative relationships, strategic alliances and investment equity opportunities.