Materials and Processes

The M&P Section helps facilitate better networking and communication between experienced designers and manufacturing professionals and those designers eager to learn more and expand their knowledge base. Through this education, industrial designers can keep up to date on new technologies are and how to use them in their work. In addition, the basics of materials and manufacturing need to be taught to those just starting out. Our cumulative knowledge and experience can be shared within our community though presentations, demonstrations, design guides, case studies, networking and discussions.

“According to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, ‘waste and pollution are not accidents, but the consequences of decisions made at the design stage, where ~80% of environmental impacts are determined.’ This Section will focus on creating a platform for designers to better understand the material choices and corresponding processes that are available to make ‘things,' while also considering the holistic impacts these choices have on society and the environment."  – Farrell Calabrese, IDSA, Chair

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Farrell Calabrese, IDSA, Chair