Human-Centered Design

Primarily a tool of designers, human-centered design is now a tool sought out by clients and stakeholders. Human-Centered Design can be learned and applied universally by designers to solve any problem. Human-centered design is a deeply empathetic, objective, and pragmatic way to understand consumers’ wants and needs. It is a non-linear, iterative process that is driven by synthesis, empathy, and experimentation. It is both a philosophy and methodology that allows designers and business stakeholders to see the signal through the noise and converge on the right solutions with shared vision.

IDSA members will learn:

  • How designers and business stakeholders can collaboratively design for the future.
  • The ways in which essential human needs and emotions are used to create products and services that are successful in a dynamic world.
  • How designers solve everyday challenges to the world’s most pressing problems through empathetic and human-centered design.

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IDSA Membership Department
Meghan Preiss, IDSA, Vice Chair