Digital Enterprise

Over the last several years, time-to-market and budget reduction pressures have required all industrial designers to find new ways to keep their companies competitive. Emerging technologies like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Additive Manufacturing, Real-Time Computing, and Artificial Intelligence all promise to provide advantages for the individuals and organizations who adopt them.

The Digital Enterprise Section aims to share and bring new information and industry-specific case studies to professionals who  are interested in the bleeding edge of digital design technologies. “We will show how industrial design work-flows and processes can be improved by incorporating emerging digital technologies.” – Gabriele Sorrento, IDSA, Chair

Through the Digital Enterprise Section, IDSA members will learn: 

  • How industries are adopting emerging digital technologies to increase productivity and profitability 
  • How industrial design work flows and processes can be improved by incorporating emerging digital technologies
  • How design businesses can benefit by investing in their infrastructure to include emerging digital technologies
  • Case studies and innovative design systems that communicate the use and benefits of Digital Enterprise 

Digital Enterprise News & Events