International Hubs

In countries outside the United States, Canada and Mexico, collectively referred to as North America, communities of industrial designers may organize around International Hubs. These groupings offer designers the opportunity to assemble under the IDSA identity, harnessing the credibility and the professional integrity that it conveys. This gives the communities in those countries a level of status locally, regionally and abroad.

An International Hub will have a chair and vice chair who are both international members of IDSA. This community may have other leaders. Its members are not required to be IDSA members. International Hubs work to extend the mission of IDSA and to serve their local communities.

By comparison, communities of designers in North America organize into professional chapters (for practitioners and educators) and student chapters (at colleges and universities with industrial design or related degree programs). The requirements for establishing and maintaining chapters are defined by IDSA Bylaws. They include standards for qualification which do not easily apply to groups outside the continent.

For more information on creating a new International Hub, please contact Jerry Layne, Director of Operations (, tel: 703.707.6000 x119.)