Chris Rockwell

Chris Rockwell

Chris Rockwell is CEO and founder of Lextant, a human experience firm dedicated to informing and inspiring design through a deep understanding of people, their experiences and aspirations. For more than 20 years, Rockwell and his team have developed leading techniques to connect desires to product and service experience design for some of the largest brands in the automotive, consumer packaged goods, healthcare and financial industries. Rockwell is a frequent speaker and thought leader who earned one of Smart Business magazine’s Smart 50 Awards and named a top executive in Central Ohio.

Empathic by Design: Care in the Age of Patient Experience

We are in the age of the empowered patient. Evolving healthcare organizations are rapidly shifting from volume of procedures to quality of experience to deliver better patient-centered care. But patients' care journeys today are fragmented—punctuated by ambiguity and unpredictability. The responsibility for managing this complexity often is pushed to patients and caregivers, leading to frustration and anxiety. Chris Rockwell of Lextant will explore the empathic care model and the attributes that define care-driven services. Empathic care is an ideal service framework used to guide healthcare systems design and evaluate patient experiences; it’s a model that adds calmness and clarity to the life, health and longevity to the patient. Rockwell will dive into the ten principles for empathic care and demonstrate how attendees immediately can design processes, technologies and environments for an improved care journey, and why this is crucial for the future of the industry.  

IDSA Medical Conference 2018 chair Bryce Rutter discusses speaker Chris Rockwell.