Chris Kaye, IDSA

Chris Kaye, IDSA
VP of Research & Technical Innovation
US Endoscopy

Chris Kaye, IDSA, is VP of research and technical innovation at US Endoscopy, a subsidiary of STERIS, specializing in design and manufacturing of accessories that provide GI endoscopy device solutions. Kaye holds a BS in industrial and systems engineering and an MS in engineering management from the University of Dayton and completed his Certificate of Innovation & Technology Management from California Institute of Technology.

Kaye’s companies have served the defense, consumer goods and automotive industries—and in the last 20 years—the medical field. In his current position, he drives innovation and manufacturability from concept through product release.

The Dichotomy of Design and Business

Despite the fact design thinking and its disciplines have garnered much credibility and respect in recent years, the actual financial decisions and priorities are often based on intuition and marketing.  Make no mistake about it, design principles play as great a part as ever with respect to innovation and new product development, but substantial work must go in before the name goes on. While team members may agree in principle that the design process is dynamic and non-linear, the real challenge occurs in the execution phase.  In fact, there may be as much creativity in clearly communicating and gathering buy-in for the true value of the product, as there is in the design of the product/service itself.  It is paramount for design process to be implemented internally as well as externally if the concept is to survive the onslaught it will face moving forward…