Chris Brown. IDSA Statement of Candidacy 2017

I have a continued vision to create lasting connections among members in the Central District of IDSA. As the District Chapter Representative, I will continue to support the chapter leaders with coaching and resources to create meaningful events in their local area. We will work together as an enthusiastic team of designers on a mission to enhance the visibility of IDSA in our district. Continuing to volunteer in this capacity aligns well with my own personal goals. I have a passion for empowering the next generation of design leadership. It is incredibly rewarding to see these chapter chairs grow.

When I decided to run for Central District VP two years ago, my primary goal was to create a high value density for our members. In this upcoming term as District Chapter Representative, my priority will be to turn our chapter leaders into superheroes of their own chapters and hope that trickles into the rest of their lives. Let’s work together to generate success in each other’s lives!