Charles Mauro, CHFP

Charles Mauro, CHFP, IDSA
MAURO Usability Science

Charles L. Mauro, CHFP, IDSA, is president of MAURO Usability Science, which was founded in 1975 specializing in human factors engineering, product design, GUI design and design patent IP rights. He is a Certified Human Factors Engineering Professional (CHFP/BCPE). His clients include Apple, Nike, Google, Dyson and more. Mauro has lectured at the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Stanford University, University of Pennsylvania and other major institutions.

Mauro has been an expert witness in 75 design patent cases representing leading corporations and co-authored two major amicus briefs submitted to the Federal Circuit and the US Supreme Court on the value of design. He has received awards from HFES, ACM and NASA. In 2017, Mauro was honored with IDSA’s Personal Recognition Award. He serves as co-chair of IDSA’s Design Protection Special Interest Section.

Mauro holds a BS in product design from Art Center College of Design and a master’s degree in ergonomics from New York University, where he served as a National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health research fellow at the Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine.

Advanced Methods for Use In Optimization of Medical Device HFE Performance

The integration of new, high data rate collection methodologies into unified data streams for use in optimization of drug delivery device HFE performance is providing device designers with unprecedented levels of feedback. Objective measurement of the HFE performance of drug delivery devices is well known to be a complex problem requiring new science-based measurement methodologies and data analysis techniques.

Charles Mauro, CHFP, IDSA, presents case studies demonstrating how advanced methodologies including 3D spatial tracking, micro-facial expression analysis, high data rate EMGs, Newtonian force measurement, cognitive workload analysis and advanced eye tracking have been integrated into unified data streams. They produce massive amounts of HFE performance data that sheds new light on how to measure HFE performance of drug delivery devices and related labeling.

Mauro will provide insights into how the objective HFE performance of certain patient populations varies from the available research literature and related FDA guidance.

IDSA Medical Conference 2018 chair Bryce Rutter discusses speaker Charles Mauro.