Case Study 1 | Conducting Ethnographic Research in the Operating Room | Lee, Carmella & Wilcox, Stephen

The primary focus of the workshop was on how to use ethnographic research to support the development of medical devices, particularly surgical instruments. Carmella Lee and Stephen Wilcox showed the proprietary video system that they’ve developed and demonstrate how to set up in the OR and how to capture high quality multiple-channel, high resolution video. The system includes cameras that are handheld, tripod-mounted, on an overhead boom and head-mounted. They discussed synchronizing multiple channels, playing the video back, via the proprietary software and how to use the video to analyze procedures. They also demonstrated the system for measuring physiological stress that they use in conjunction with video. Some other topics included how to get into the OR in the first place, proper conduct in the OR and how to use such video productively as a product-development tool.