Call for Interest | 2021-2022 Leadership Positions


The Call for Interest for individuals wishing to pursue an elected leadership role within the Society is open now through May 31, 2020.


IDSA's Nominations and Elections Committee (detailed below) invites all members in good standing to recommend a colleague who they feel might be qualified to serve in one of several available volunteer roles. Members may also self-submit their interest in one of the positions.

Ideal candidates are individuals who excel at creative problem solving within tight constraints, who are trusted and proactive participants within their own communities and who have a proven track record of leadership, dedication and commitment. The required skill set, background, and applicable experience level will vary depending on the role. Open positions require a two (2) year volunteer commitment term beginning in January 2021 and ending in December 2022. 

Our Society is a diverse community of individuals who support each other through volunteer efforts that underpin and strengthen the design community as a whole. By endorsing a colleague, or nominating yourself, you are showing your commitment to IDSA's long-term success and improved membership experience. Nominate a collegue or yourself for an open position.



Open positions


Board of Directors


Districts Committee - District Chapter Representatives

  • Midwest District
  • South District
  • West District




1. Call for Interest - May 2020
Members in good standing may submit the name of a colleague, or self-submit, for consideration by the Nominations and Elections Committee. During this period, the Nominations and Elections Committee may also proactively seek out individuals to gauge levels of interest in serving in one of the open positions. 

2. Candidate Review - June 2020
All submissions are compiled for review by the IDSA Nominations and Elections Committee. Each submission is evaluated on the basis of the candidate’s fit compared to criteria outlined in the position descriptions and their qualifications to successfully execute the role. Members of the Nominations and Elections Committee may 'interview' candidates as part of their review process in order to ensure that all parties are aligned. Additionally, candidates may speak with IDSA’s executive director to confirm alignment with strategic organizational objectives. Note: The IDSA Nominations and Elections Committee maintains the discretion to select or deny any individual from moving past this stage based on fit for the role.

3. Board of Directors Approval - July 2020
The Nominations and Elections Committee presents their proposed slate of candidates to the Board of Directors for approval. Only Board approved candidates are then presented to membership to be voted upon for election to a Board of Directors position.

4. Slate of Candidates - August 2020
The approved slate of candidates are posted online at for our community to see. This is made public for 30 days prior to membership voting. During this time, candidates are encouraged to help drive awareness of their candidacy and the approaching membership vote through networking and social outreach.

5. Membership Voting - September 2020
Members are invited to vote for their preferred candidate in each position. Voting is primarily accomplished via IDSA's online platform, but paper ballots can be made available.

6. Voting Results - October 2020
Once voting is complete, the results are tabulated and verified by an independent, third-party company. All individuals on the slate of candidates are notified of the results once verified.

7. Public Announcement - November 2020
Voting results are made public to IDSA membership and community.



Meet the Nominations & Elections Committee


The mission the Nominations and Elections Committee is to identify candidates who are foremost qualified for the specific needs of each role while being inclusive and demonstrative of our increasingly diverse membership and broader design industry. This current committee is serving in its first of a 2 year term.

David Patton, IDSA
Committee Chair

David Allan, IDSA
Central District Representative

Autumn Groleski, IDSA
Midwest District Representative

Mike Lyden, IDSA
Northeast District Representative

Ellise Smolenyak, IDSA
West District Representative

Yi-Ping Wong, IDSA
South District Representative