Brooke McEver


Brooke McEver
Director of Product Innovation, Unspun

Brooke is the Director of Product Innovation at unspun, working to reduce global carbon emissions through newly developed products and processes in the fashion industry. Projects include custom-fit algorithms, 3D looms, and digital retail experiences. 

Prior to unspun, she started and grew a sustainability department in Bangladesh's largest export factory BEXIMCO, creating mass-production up-cycling onsite for brands, and co-founded a social business dedicated to creating networks of suppliers for small to mid-size brands. She received her master's at Stanford University in Design Impact.



Sustainable Leadership Deep Dive 2022 Session Description


Zero Waste Innovation in the Fashion Industry

Join for an overview of the waste impacts of the fashion industry and how unspun is driving innovation through different systematic processes. Dive into technology for made-to-order, body scanning-to-fit processes and 3D weaving looms, and explore how these impact the larger systems.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How the fashion industry is wasteful
  • How to work towards zero waste
  • New and exciting developments in this space